SOLARWATT modules are now cyclone-tested

4 Feb

SOLARWATT modules are now cyclone-tested

Australia is known for being a land of the extreme. While the devastating bush fires are currently destroying the south-east of Australia, the northern part of the continent is home to cyclones with wind speeds of 200 km/h. These storms regularly destroy huge landmarks in Northern Territory and Queensland.

SOLARWATT glass-glass modules have now been tested to withstand the enormous forces of a cyclone. The tested Vision modules withstood simulated wind loads of over 6 kilopascals (kN/m2). The relevant international standard IEC 61212:2016 specifies a load of only 1.6 kPa.

The testers at Albright Consulting Engineers in Darwin carried out the mechanical load tests. “The procedures are recognized tests for resistance to cyclones and the SOLARWATT modules scored significantly higher than the nearest competitors,” said Sascha Gotzsch, Managing Director of SOLARWATT Australia.

SOLARWATT modules are known throughout Australia for their high quality – Made in Germany – as well as their robustness. “The formal confirmation of the resistance and performance of our modules under the harsh conditions in Australia gives our customers additional security”, Sascha Gotzsch is sure. In times of increasing weather extremes, he recommends that anyone planning to build a photovoltaic system should ask his supplier about product tests, because strong storms are increasing globally.

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Johannes Butz