Solar Warranties

Guaranteed protection with SOLARWATT

Apart from a product guarantee, you also get an output guarantee for SOLARWATT photovoltaic systems and individual components. Depending on the product, the guarantees differ amongst other things with regard to the guarantee period and guarantee conditions. The product guarantee covers the solar modules supplied by SOLARWATT against faulty materials and workmanship that could negatively affect their functionality. With the output guarantee SOLARWATT assures you of a minimum output over a specified period of time.

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The best guarantee conditions on the market

Product Guarantee period* Guarantee conditions* Guarantee*
SOLARWATT glass-glass modules 30 years for both product and performance
  • The output of the solar modules reduces in the first year maximally to 97%.
  • In the period from the 2nd to the 29th year, the output of the modules reduces by no more than 0.345% per year.
  • In the 30th year the guaranteed output is at least 87%.
  • Repair by SOLARWATT on site at the customer’s premises
  • Repair at SOLARWATT or a third party
  • Supply of an additional module
  • Exchange for a replacement module
SOLARWATT MyReserve 10 years or until 4,100 full cycles are reached Each installed battery module has a usable capacity of at least 80% after 10 years, starting from the usable capacity at the time of the installation.
  • Repair by SOLARWATT on site at the customer’s premises
  • Repair at SOLARWATT or a third party
  • Exchange for a replacement battery module

* The guarantee conditions illustrated are an excerpt from the complete guarantee conditions for the respective products and are not claimed to be complete. The detailed guarantee conditions are available for downloading further down this page.


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